Craigpine Cladding

Plantation grown pine weatherboard is a premium cladding for residential and commercial building owners in New Zealand. Timber weatherboards are at the heart of much of our built heritage. Today, their performance and sustainable qualities make them an attractive contemporary cladding choice.

Plantation grown pine performs

Attractive, warm, watertight, durable. Timber weatherboards go the distance.

  • Attractive: The shadow lines of bevel-back, shiplap, vertical and rusticated profiles offer flexibility for traditional and modern home designs.
  • Warm: Timber does not conduct heat making for a warm, energy-efficient home.
  • Watertight: Plantation pine timber weatherboards are treated with an environmentally preferred product called MicroPro preservative to H3.2, waxes and resins to withstand our damp climate.
  • Durable: Today’s timber weatherboards will be tomorrow’s heritage. Well-maintained weatherboards will last for decades. High impact resistance means they’ll survive external shocks. And when you have timber weatherboards on a timber-framed construction you have a light but strong home that will perform well in seismic events.

Plantation grown pine is builder-friendly

Cost competitive, easy to work with, fit for purpose. Just four of the reasons

  • Cost competitive: Timber weatherboards are up to 17% cheaper per meter square installed for a two coat primer timber weatherboard than similar products.
  • Lightweight: Timber weatherboards are a cost-competitive installed solution that compares well against other cladding systems.
  • Easy to work with: Timber weatherboards are fast to install. No special tools, cutting equipment or fixing methods are required making for easy quality finishing.
  • Fit for purpose: Timber weatherboards are Kiln dried, we have a grade of timber for strength and stability, with profiling and priming available.


Plantation grown pine is easy on the earth

A renewable resource with carbon credentials. That makes New Zealand plantation grown pine weatherboards an environmentally friendly choice.

  • A renewable resource: Our plantation forests produce crop after crop of fine timber. All it takes is a small pine seedling, soil, sun, rain and CO2. And a lot of good science that helps New Zealand which produces some of the highest quality plantation timber in the world.
  • Carbon credentials: Each tonne of wood produced removes 1.7 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Other cladding types emit CO2 adding to global warming. The timber weatherboards that will be enjoyed by our grandchildren also help protect the climate they will inherit from us.

New Zealand timber weatherboards

Contemporary sustainable cladding backed by tradition. On the walls of Kiwi homes for decades past. Taking the timber tradition to a new generation of buildings in New Zealand, Australia, USA and around the world.

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