Our Mill

Craigpine Timber Ltd are at the forefront of forestry technology with our state of the art mill based in Winton, New Zealand. Our modern additions to the mill are focused on optimisation.

The Headrig has Geometric optimisation scanning. The Edger, and Trimsaw have Biometric and Geometric optimisation scanning ensuring the boards we cut from our logs match our customers’ requirements. The final grading is also done with Biometric scanning technology, removing the higher variability that naturally occurs with human grading.

Since the mill was initially purchased in 1970, the site at Winton has been continually developed to ensure Craigpine continues to be a first-class timber supplier worldwide. Craigpine Timber purchased the sawmill from Marshall and Sons in 1970, and have been an established timber company since 1923, based out of Southern New Zealand. We produce seven grades of timber, remain export focused and are proud to offer quality New Zealand pine to our valued customers.

View more photos of the Craigpine Timber Mill in our Gallery.

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